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Founded in 1938, Guizhou University of Engineering Science had evolved as Guizhou Province-run Normal School of Bijie, Bijie Part-time Normal School and Bijie Teachers’ College. In 1993, Bijie Teachers’ College was renamed as Bijie Normal College in the approval of the Ministry of Education. In March 2005, a full-time undergraduate university – Bijie University, was established with an amalgamation of Bijie Normal College and Bijie College of Education. In May 2014, authorized by the Ministry of Education, Bijie University was renamed as Guizhou University of Engineering Science.

The university covers a total area of more than 1300 mu (86.71 hectares). Its library now houses 930,000 printed books, 1,200,000 electronic books, and over 20 databases with Chinese and foreign languages. The university comprises 14 schools with 38 specialties for undergraduates, which cover seven disciplines, namely, engineering, natural science, education, humanities, literature, management, and arts. The university recruits students from 16 provinces, regions and cities domestically and the full-time students are nearly 12,000. It currently has 780 faculties and staffs.Among them, there are 41 professors, 201 associate professors, and 97 visiting professors. In addition, there are currently two foreign teachers.

The university now has one province-level key discipline, one province-level key discipline with special characteristics, three province-level supportive key disciplines, two province-level key laboratories with special characteristics, one province-level engineering centre, one province-level innovative team of science and technology, two province-level excellent teaching teams, one province-level specialty with special characteristics, two province-level top-quality courses, and 22 university-level excellent courses. In the past three years, Guizhou University of Engineering Science has undertaken more than one hundred state-level and province-level research projects.

Looking forward and adhering to the motto – Be arduous and progressive, the university aims at cultivating engineers and teachers with expertise in industrialization, urbanization, and basic education. Through a sequence of production-education fusion, university-enterprise cooperation, and educational reform, the university is now striving to improve its education level so that students can be fully involved in activities in local, provincial and national-wide communities. The university is now taking great efforts to develop itself into a top-level applied university with explicit features.

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