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Mission and Vision

     The mission: as the result of following the school spirit: Work Hard, Keep Moving Forward, Guizhou University of Engineering Science adheres to the fundamental principle of cultivating talents and aims at training excellent engineers and teachers to meet the requirements of serving industrialization, urbanization and basic education. Rooted in Bijie city, serving Guizhou province and facing the whole country, Guizhou University of Engineering Science constantly deepens the fusion of teaching and industry,the combination of university and enterprise, the teaching reform, and promotes the quality of teaching. Guizhou University of Engineering Science is trying to be the training base of cultivating talents, science and technology research base, and the base for cultural heritage and consulting service, so as to make every effort to realize the great “China Dream.”
     The vision: according to the Guizhou provincial main strategies of “Accelerating Transition and Development and Promoting Leaping Development” and the “Four Modernization” and “Industrial City”, Guizhou University of Engineering Science focuses on the transformation development and optimizes the structure of academic disciplines so as to meet the requirements of local major industry, pillar industry and strategic emerging industry. Guizhou University of Engineering Science implements the “3-phase” strategy. The first phase is to transform from a normal college to a comprehensive university during 2013-2015. The second phase is to develop into a high-level provincial-level university during 2016-2017. The third step is to become the multidisciplinary university during 2018-2020. reaching the goal of a college into a university, a normal college into multidisciplinary university a closeness- dominant education to openness- dominant education. Guizhou University of Engineering aims to be a distinctive and high-level application and technology university in 2020.

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