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The library (the center of informatization) is located in the campus, on the beautiful bank of Liucang River. It has an area of 17760 square metres, with 1582 seats for readers. The collection of the library consists of 984177 paper books, There are some precious documents, such as The General History of Guizhou, Dading Government Record, The Complete Library in Four Divisions, Ancient Documents of Yi People etc.. There are 1282437 electronic books, including Superstar and Scholar, and 20 databases, such as CNKI, Wanfang Database of Doctoral Dissertations and Master’s Theses, etc...

The campus network was established in 2004. So far its total investment has reached 11070900 yuan. It has realized the multi-outlet and back-up interface of campus network and internet, outputting broad band 1002M. So a three-layer and star network of campus network has begun to shape. With 1841 network nodes available, the library is completely accessible and serves students learning and teachers working, and doing research. We have six systems of network, including Educational Administration System, Top-quality Courses System, Working online, and so on. The campus network includes 45 secondary-level sites and some special websites.

With the notion of managing scientifically, satisfying the readers, serving teaching and research, serving local economy and society, the Library of Guizhou University of Engeering Science is heading toward a networking, digitalizing, open-type library of a modern university.

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