Departments and Organizations

Office of CPC Committee(Office of the President)

Contact us:0857-8331423 

CPC GUES Office of Organization

Contact us:0857-8331316

CPC GUES Office of Communications (United Front Work)

Contact us:0857-8331316

Office of Students’ Affairs

Contact us:0857-8330270

Office of Human Resources

Contact us:0857-8330261

Office of Academic Affairs

Contact us:0857-8330516

Office of Scientific Research

Contact us:0857-8330424

Office of Strategic Planning

Contact us:0857- 8336938

Office of Campus Construction

Contact us:15721748520

Office of Auditing

Contact us:15721748379

Office of Financial Planning

Contact us:0857-8330266

Office of Asset Management

Contact us:15721748734

Office of International Cooperation & Exchange

Contact us:0857-8335028

Office of Campus Safety

Contact us:0857-8330268

Office of Logistics & Services

Contact us:0857-8330614   

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